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It's a long way down.... This is a sort of bonkers combination of rogue-likes such as Hack, platformers like Manic Miner and shooters like Turrican or Gunstar Heroes, all dressed up in a deliciously mad visual style. However, while that sounds like the makings of a cracking game, 99 Levels to Hell actually ends up being a little underwhelming. There's not much of a narrative to enjoy here, and the pretty much does what the title tells you, which is send you on an incredibly tough platforming adventure which will test all your skills. Your main enemies are demonspawn, while the levels are quite devilish in design too, so it's a good job there are loads of weapons and upgrades to discover, as well as shops, spells and a few other assorted goodies too. Levels are randomly generated to keep you on your toes, while the whole thing is played out to the musical accompaniment of Swedish death metal, which does suit the manic pace of the game. 99 Levels to Hell is certainly fun for a bit, mainly due to the aforementioned fast pace, which really keeps you on your toes and forces you to react extremely quickly. It is quite addictive too, with that one-more-go feeling found when you start out, but as you progress it does start to wane a bit. It's not clear why exactly this happens, but there is a general feeling of being unpolished that doesn't help matters. The visuals are also not that great as although they appear quite stylish at first glance, their lack of personality soon becomes apparent. Overall, not a terrible game but not a great one either.