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What's that in the murk?
Scenario screen
Map screen
Setting the heading
Up periscope!
Can't see much
Could do better
Diary screen
Setting weapons
Sub schematics
Game introduction title screen - cover
Someone's trying to signal us
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Relive the World War II under the sea. Aces of the deep is definitely a gem among the submarine simulation games (Silent Hunter), especially ones that are concentrated on the Second World War. As all great sim games it has a lot of options and is very complicated. The original copy of the game even came with a huge manual that teaches you everything about how a submarine looks and works. Unfortunately, this download doesn't come with the manual, bit a very user-friendly interface and tons of hints that pop up during the game will ease you gameplay a whole lot. Aside from the huge amount of single missions, you can also opt for the more extensive Career Mode where you can choose the year you'll be playing in throughout the war. Within the Career Mode you can receive promotions, medals, and opportunities to take command of newer U-boats. There are a huge variety of ships, including oil tankers and merchant ships! The game is extremely dynamic and action packed and you won't get bored for a single second. The graphics of the game are fantastic and very advanced for that time in the gaming history. In all honesty, this is easily one of the best and most detailed submarine sims of the nineties and every fan of the genre are practically obliged to play the game.
WW2 Submarines. Fantastic, a real classic. This game out classes both the SS1/SS2 titles. The interface is easy to navigate and the game has lots of helpful hints and tips. Aces of the deep has atmosphere and gives the player a real sense of what it must have been like to captain one of these submarines during world war 2. I have played time and time again and never got boared. The strategy of the A.I. is superb and makes for an action packedsim that will always keep you busy.Think you can escape the destroyers? Give it a go! I give it 10/10 A must have download for your collection.