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ArcadeFlight shooter
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Game introduction
The game rule is simple: shoot at the enemies!
Keep shooting all on your sight
Stage 2: you've been shot!
Look at the plane on your right
Graphics are basic
Again, shot at second stage
A shot of my jet
A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
Courtesy of My Abandonware.
Image extracted from youtube video.
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Old school flying and shooting. Well, this game is quite simple - you take your F-14 off from the carrier up in the air, and shoot planes. The're nothing else to do. Even the guns fire automatically, without your pulling the trigger. It' just a matter of shooting down as many planes as possible, being fast enough, not dying, and getting yourself a higher score. This game doesn't have the high quality or rocking sound like others (such as Raptor), but it it's still a good game. The animation is quite good for its time, and the controls are very responsive and sensitive, so this game makes me think more about a simulation than a simple shooter game, since the game is very detailed. The game is also very fast and dynamic, so you wont' have to grind your teeth in frustration over how long does it take for the projectiles to get to the enemy plane and shoot it, or how slowly the other planes are moving. The game is overall very good and very standard for this type of game, but i have but two objections - there is too little to do, and you just do the same thing over and over again. Good for a few hours, not much longer than that.