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Title screen
The game begins
A spot of exploring
Watch out for the spikes
A safe room
Head north east
Which way now?
Lurking in the shadows
Oh dear
Image extracted from gameplay video.
Courtesy of Abandonware France.
Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Be a dungeon roaming sphere!. Quite why Airball's protagonist is not an actual character is a bit of a mystery to me, by well, I guess you have to take it as it is. So here's your premise: you are a sphere that wonders through this one screen based set of isometric dungeons, trying to avoid traps and looking out for any potential hidden tiles that might hide some unseen dangers and you have to keep doing it. Thus the game uses the recipe of Marble Madness only you roam around through mazes that would feel just as home in an RPG. At any rate, looks wise I love the game, it's got that Knight Lore thing going for it, or for those that don't know this Spectrum title, the similar DOS Cadaver, which sports a more modern looking but just the same graphical aspect. So, what I can make of this game is that if you love roaming around and the simple directional puzzles that the game can offer you, and if you love dungeons but not the RPG format, you will find this game quite a nice one to go play. It's as simple as they get but it's a kind of very satisfying, gamey experience. Have a go at it!