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NFL Pro League follow up. You know when a game is an alright experience but it's also a bit of an exercise in engineering a bit more money from the audience... Because, really, the main difference, objectively, from All-American College Football and its older sibling NFL Pro League is just in the way the players look (barely, really, this is a 91 game after all, all players are just a bundle of relatively high res pixels!) and a few fixes, here and there. But then again, this has always been the case with these iterative and copy paste titles, for more than a decade. It's very rarely that a football or for that matter, soccer game managed to really bring something new and exciting to the table, or at least something different. So, unless you are looking for a game that will allow you relieve the 90s college football scene, there is little reason to fire this up, unless for nostalgia. Case in which you'll just be looking to experience the little things that I might have missed. At any rate, oAll-American College Football is not bad, it's just the usual follow up to a commercially successful game.