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I'm going to haunt you in your dreams!
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Underrated but classic puzzler. After the world went crazy for Tetris, every developer tried desperately to cash in on its success with similar puzzle games, and while some were abject failures, others successfully expanded on its addictive qualities. Fortunately for Sega, Baku Baku is one of the latter. Although the core gameplay of matching falling blocks remains similar, this game adds in complexity by requiring players to match animals with their preferred food, with greater chains of animals and food providing higher points rewards. A two-player mode is the best way to play the game, with the competitive nature adding much to its appeal, but even in single-player, this is a fun little puzzler. Some genuine character is added to Baku Baku through the animations of the animals and the nicely varied backgrounds keep the player's attention well. A somewhat unnecessary but nevertheless gorgeous animated intro sets the game's tone and provides some much appreciated humour. Sound effects and music too are appropriately bouncy and upbeat, adding to the pressure and the game's pace. Although simple in concept, this is a great but underrated puzzler that deserves greater recognition and should be sought out by fans of Columns and other similar games.
A fun eating puzzle game. So, rabbits eat carrots, dogs love bones and monekys dig bananas. In this funny Tetris variant, it is important to know those things. The game is consisted of falling blocks, just like in Tetris, the difference being the way you solve them. You have to accumulate blocks of food, and when a block comes by carrying the picture of a certain animal, you have to touch the block with the animal face with the block with the food that animals prefers, for those blocks to disappear (i.e. monkeys and bananas, dogs and bones). I love the animations in which the block with the face comes to life and you can see the animation of a monkey devouring a banana! The game is very simple to learn and very fun to play. If features beautiful 3D graphics and has great music and sound effects. There is no word like the word "Japanese" that I can think of to describe this game. Only they would think of something this ludicrous and funny, yet fun and addictive. The game is best played in 2 player mode with split screen for more fun. Recommended!