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Big Top download

ArcadePlatformerSingle screenHop and bop
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Introduction: how to play the game
First stage started
Jumping from one platform to the other
You have to pick up all those magenta dot
Don't make those enemies touch you
You'll need to coordinate the jump and grab the rope
Well done!
Last jump, grab it!
Almost cleared: the last ladder is giving you access to second floor... errr stage
Second stage: with baloons now!
Go down that one!
Game introduction title screen - cover
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Ladders, ladders everywhere... Big Top is an very old school arcade game (like Nintendo Donkey Kong or arcade game Jumpjoe) that will win your heart and soul the minute you start to play - these oldies tend to do that quite often! The game is huge, it has a lot of levels, and you will constantly find yourself being awake in the wee hours in the night saying to yourself "just one more level! Just one more!". Definitely not for those with a daily job! The objective of the game is very simple - in each level (called a ring), you have to find and retrieve the ringmaster's hats that are scattered all around the level. You'll be climbing ladders up and down the level to get them, but there are also evil clowns that clearly don't like hat you're doing. Sometimes, the hat will be in plain sight and very near, but you'll still have to go ALL around the level to get it just because these evil suckers will somehow be in your way. The game is capable to immerse you completely into itself, and sometimes you might get so addicted that you'll close your eyes and see the screen of the game still blaring at you! The game is incredibly simple - and incredibly fun. The graphics of the game are the simplest possible, but that doesn't minimize the quality of the game one bit. A fantastic game for all vintage lovers who have enough free time to lose themselves completely and forget all about the life that is going around them for a long, long time.