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Introduction video 1
Introduction video 2
Main introduction screen
Menu: select your car
Race started....
That pedestrian on the right is really scared!
You'll need to hit a checkpoint
Someone hit you from behind
It's a special bonus
I'm gonna waste both of you!
replay mode screen
intro screen
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When over the top driving goes ballistic!. I remember the days when GTA got the scrutiny of the press for, seemingly, being a violent game. Well, for some reason Carmageddon 2 managed to stay a bit more under the press radar, while at the same time taking the idea of mental driving to a new level of brutality, craziness and mayhem! Not that it wasn't to be expected, as Carmageddon the first (notice my royal treatment of its title! Hehe) put out that recipe a while back and it sure got noticed. Thus, for this second title it wasn't as much about establishing the premise as it was more about just going full crazy with it. He game features lots of content, about 30 tracks set in about 10 distinct environments, a plethora of hair metal screamer tracks for those that appreciate a spicy rock track like it's the 90s, and lots and lots of crazy bonuses, Easter eggs and all that. But, the most important thing, without which this game would have not mattered, the racing experience itself is pure gold, racing is challenging, the vehicles while arcade in controls, nevertheless showcase nice overall handling, putting you right there in this world that has gone ballistic! Give it a go, as the game has aged rather nicely and you won't feel like you're trudging through some relic. Oh, and also give Urban Chaos a go, another havoc endowed racer, though a more modern one, graphically. Though nobody beats Carmageddon 2 in feel and recklessness!
How evil can you get? . Carmageddon 2, like it's predecessor Carmageddon, is a game that you have to love or hate. There is hardly an in between. This is GTA before it was cool. Some players had a problem with the violence in the game, while other loved it just for it. Surely, there is no game like this. Gameplay is not largely changed from the original - try to complete the race in a limited amount of time, and gain bonuses by either smashing other cars or running over and hitting pedestrians, some of which are zombies, or a combination of the last two options. The more people you kill, the better! The game is absolutely great! When you combine the violent, crashing and killer driving with Iron Maiden playing in the background (yes, part of the awesome soundtrack!), all in great quality graphics, you get an incredible rush and evil satisfaction that is very rare to feel while playing any other game. Sometimes, you'll forget about the whole racing part and just drive around, hunting pedestrians altough the option could be turned off. So prepare youself for a huge, violent, exciting race.