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New World Computing1996
StrategyBoard gamesTop downScience FictionTurn basedSci fi

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Futuristic turn based strategy, a mouthful!. Chaos Overlord puts you in a dystopic future world, where justice and day to day life is a tough business! The game could have easily gotten away with 50 percent of all the things that it does, and it still would have felt feature complete, but no, this one has loads of things going on for itself: it has managerial bits, police bribing bits (that work similar to the diplomatic portion of a regular strategy game) and a fully blown battle engine. You can customize your characters with loads of weapons, of which the game has quite a lot (over 50) and you can also switch between loads of other game changing items, from armors to all sort of other things. Graphically it looks great, it's a 2D game, seen from pretty way above, with clear menus and a graphic theme that combines futuristic punk with mechanoid and android like geometry. Really lovely and very 90ish! You'll love it if you like loaded classic turn based strategies such as Syndicate, but want a more modern take on that recipe, which surely works just fine.
Take over the city. Chaos Overlord is one of those games where you have the possibility to play as the bad guy. Developed by Stick Man Games, the object of the game is quite simple: take over a city set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. As a "chaos overlord", your job is to hire mercenaries, deploy in some parts of the city in order to generate income and take over teritories. There are a total of 10 victory conditions, but it's up to you of how you want to win the game. The gameplay, while it sounds simple, there are a lot of variable that need to be taken into consideration, making the game more complex... in a good way. Once you get the hang of the game, you will slowly start to get addicted to its fun gameplay and will have a hard time leaving your desk.