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Cold War Conflicts download

Walkon Games2004
StrategyWorld WarsOrganized forcesReal timeAlternate History
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Tank battle on a local farm
Dropping bombs on the enemy base
Deploying soldiers from the sea
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It's a bit nippy out. If you're looking at screenshots of Cold War Conflicts and thinking it looks a tad similar to Sudden Strike, then there's a very good reason for it. It's by the same developer and is essentially the same game, just set in the Cold War rather than World War II, so if you have played the earlier title, don't expect much different here. The game is basically a real time strategy game, but played out in slightly more realistic manner than Command & Conquer or KKND, but despite this extra layer of depth, it's not hugely fun and can easily be skipped. There are four campaigns to play here, including scenarios set during the Suez Crisis and the Korean War, where you get to play as Israel, Korean and the US. There's no base building here, so the focus is on pure strategy and you'll really have to think about your moves here, as just going in all guns blazing is going to get you killed. Battles can be quite large in scale, with up to fifty units under your control, all of which are accurate representations of their real-world counterparts. Cold War Conflicts isn't a bad RTS, it's just not a great one. It is strikingly similar to Sudden Strike, featuring the same interface and graphics, just dressed up appropriately, but even if you haven't played that one, there are some issues which get in the way of the fun. The enemy AI is poor, as is unit selection, while there's also a sense of corner cutting which enhances the sense of frustration. There are some nice elements, like the way your success or failure at completing certain objectives affects the game later down the line, but other than that, this is easily skipped.