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Bullet hell heaven. Shooter fans will be in bullet hell heaven when they fire up the wonderfully over the top Crimzon Clover. It's a fantastically insane vertical blaster that reminds you of Tyrian, The Reap and Xenon 2 so if you like to blast alien scum from the skies, this should be your new best friend. There's probably a story here but as with any shooter, no one really cares about that and instead you're probably more interested in the gameplay. Fortunately, Crimzon Clover doesn't disappoint in this respect. Whether you're a seasoned genre veteran or a newcomer, there's a mode for you here, with a range of options that tailor the game to your skill level. There are also a few different ships, each with different weapons to experiment with, with some wonderfully impressive and over the top guns to try out and which are represented in stunning visual style. There are a few interesting mechanics on offer here, like Double Break which powers up your weapons for a short time, but the focus here is on good old fashioned hardcore blasting. Although the game isn't that difficult to complete in most of the modes, the real challenge here is doing it with only one continue and even vets are going to have a tough time here. The action is relentless and never less than full-on so you're going to need your best trigger finger to emerge victorious here. The visuals are superb, with some amazing special effects, levels and enemy designs and although there's little to the game other than high score chasing, if that's your bag, you'll be hooked. As far as shooter go, this is top notch stuff.