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Scares galore. The Dark Fall series is a surprisingly extensive set of horror adventures that play out a little like the Dracula games crossed with Myst and which provide some pretty creepy entertainment. This one is the third in the series, following on from The Journal and Lights Out, and really cranks up the scares so make sure you play it with the lights off. The story is completely standalone from the other games, although it takes place in the same town as the first one so if you haven't played them, don't worry. There's a complex tale that unfolds here, revolving around a Silent Hill-style town that is full of dark secrets and phantoms and with the player taking control of a tormented inspector who is trying to get to the bottom of things. In gameplay terms, this is a traditional first person adventure game, using a point-and-click interface as you explore the various environments and solve numerous puzzles, while uncovering the secrets to the town. For the most part, Lost Souls is a fine addition to the genre. It provides a thoroughly gripping and extremely dark tale which will have you hooked to the end, and which also provides plenty of shocks and scares to keep you spooked. The gameplay is familiar but well implemented, with an easy interface and some good puzzles, while the updated visuals are handsome and very atmospheric. The game's biggest issue for many will be its extreme linearity, with very little choice or freedom for the player but if you don't mind this, then there is a fine horror experience to be had here.