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Dark Side, The download

Incentive Software1988
ActionFirst PersonPuzzle based
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Game introduction title screen - cover
Exploring the land
Go through the door
What's in here?
Easy does it
Anything lurking back there?
What is that thing?
A teleporter
Classic stuff
Don't get too close
How to get in?
Using the jet pack
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The appeal of early animation and simple design. There was this TV show that I absolutely had to watch, which concerned itself with computers, programming, virtual reality and everything in between , a show that had these over the top animation features, which at the time blew my mind, but in retrospect they were really just beginning to scrape the possibilities of computer animation. But what they had was that otherworldliness that none of these super modern game and animation worlds can create, no matter how much detail they pour into them. Nope, to be honest the blocky and simple design of a 3D game world has something unique in gaming, something that is so hard to find today. Anyway, this is the main reason to try The Dark Side, which, gameplay wise is pretty empty, only offering you so much in terms of interactivity. It is more of a sparse adventure and exploration interactivity experience than a fully blown game, but I sure look forward to exploring its limitations, maybe fins a few secrets and just, you know, soak in that world it paints on front of my eyes. Find it and download it, especially if you have my fetish for exploration games set in early, technologically limited worlds, but for that reason, so much intense experiences! Or, alternatively see Catacomb 3D a 3D puzzler/action/RPG with mazes that was the definition of alternative 3D world in the early 90s!