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Smart, stylish and downright enjoyable indie game. This is a bizarre but rarely less than enjoyable mix of Tron and The Matrix and classic games like Zarch and Black & White which is well worth digging out. It's an indie game that blends nerdy humour with some stylish visuals and engaging sci-fi gameplay to create a unique experience. It defies easy classification but throws everything from puzzling, to strategy, to god-sims and action into one big pot and while this could have been a recipe for disaster, it largely comes out smelling of roses. Players are thrown into a digital world where tiny little sprites called Darwinians live and work but who are being attacked by a virus which will wipe them out if left unchecked. It's your job to step into the breech and defend the little guys by taking command of several programs which can stop the virus in its track. These act like units in more traditional RTS games with other elements like researching for upgrades also making an appearance. There's more to Darwinia than being a simple Command & Conquer clone but much of its delight comes from simply playing it and discovering its secrets for yourself. It's a game with a lot of style as well as substance as is perfect for both short gaming sessions and epic marathons as it supremely addictive and a whole lot of fun. There's a great soundtrack to back things up and the whole game is laced with humour that just adds more to its appeal. The control system is intuitive and responsive, making this an easy game to get into and really, the game's only major drawback is that it's relatively short. Apart from this though, Darwinia is everything a game should be: fun, bold, stylish and original.