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InSide Team1994
RacingRallyArcade styleDriving
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Game introduction title screen - cover
Choose your car
On the track
Hit the gas
Watch the arrows
Floor it!
Go easy on the corners
Watch out!
Take care over those holes
Go for it!
Put it back in first
A nice long straight
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Rally arcader bent on destruction and mayhem!. I like to try a destructive session of driving, and since that is not really something socially acceptable (hehe!) in real world, I try to quench this thirst in virtual realities. One great series for total craziness and debauchery is the all simulating GTA series but there destruction is only incidental. Nope, when i really want to make it full center I either go for Destruction Derby or this game here, Deadly Racer, which keeps the same recipe around and churns it with high precision and careful consideration! The game packs just enough types of vehicles while the race tracks are again not too many. About a dozen of each. But, for a change, the game offers you a more diverse range of challenges and missions, expanding your list of gameplay options quite a bit. The problem is that there are some issues with the control of the vehicles that stem from their lack of precision in steering. This can lead to frustration, as you'll see yourself miss your mark constantly, apparently for no fault of your own, but for the developer's lack of play testing of this essential bit. So that's why I can't really say that this game is a definitive go to for destructive binges of driving, though, for short expanses of time it can fill that spot dead on!