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Game introduction title screen - cover
Choose a soldier
Preparing to shoot
Delta Force 2 pc game
Target on
Searching for enemy
Shooting enemy
Game over
Zoom target
Mission complete succesfuly
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Best FPS shooter game. It is an action FPS game which is sequel to the great original Delta Force which is still marked as one of the best shooter games of those times. The plot in the game is that you will be playing a member of an anti-terrorism squad whose mission is to counter terrorism threats all over the world. Before going with any other features, the first and the best feature in the game is that it really focuses on realistic combat features which are normally ignored in the game. These realistic features in the game are depicted in the sniping action, the number of bullets required to kill and the terrain dynamics which really make the action competitive. The great thing is that despite the realism, the game is a lot of fun and thrill and is not frustrating because of the great A1. The graphics in the game are also fantastic and the level designs are very vast spread and unique. The game also features multi player mode and the variety of missions in the game is really a diverse one. Capturing enemy installments and taking down top terrorists are some of the mission involved in the game. The original Delta Force is also a very competitive game but this one is even better.
A must for FPS games lovers. Here it is a must for any FPS fan, the game was and still is fun to play and enjoy. Graphics are dated now but lets not worry about that when you can run for 15 minutes in game time and never hit the boarder. DF2 as did DF uses a system of map that allows a player to run forever if you feel lik it. Snipers love games like this, my best kill was at 900 meters on a rapidly moving target on the top of a knoll...