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Destroy your opponents, racer!. Who likes vanilla racers anymore, eh?! Well, no matter how much love you have for classic racers, this one is anything but vanilla! This one is all about winning the races by destroying your opponents! And I don't mean that as a sort of misguided figure I speech, I mean it literally! In that, you have to use the elements in the tracks as well as your car body to inflict as much damage to the other racers. But don't expect them just to sit there and take it, nope, you have to make the most out of the game to the best of your abilities, while trying to avoid wrecking your car. It's thus, a wholly fun game, though graphically pretty minimalist, as in, you know, not very developed graphics and other elements. That is so because the game was released for the Play Station1 which was known for a lot of things but not for a lot of power and graphic might. At any rate, Demolition Racer plays well, has that Destruction Derby feel to it, but form a very different point of view, from a very different perspective and a different type of outlook.