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Deponia 3: Goodbye Deponia download

Daedalic Entertainment2013
AdventurePoint and clickIndieModern

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Great conclusion to an epic trilogy. If you've made your way through the Deponia games and enjoyed them, you are going to want to play this one as it wraps up the storyline of this epic and unusual series of adventures. Taking their cues from classics like Monkey Island and Discworld, the series introduced players to the rubbish dump world of Deponia with a touching tale of an inventor's attempts to break free of his miserable existence. The story continued in Chaos on Deponia and this one carries on directly from where that game ended, wrapping things up nicely in a satisfying conclusion. The player takes control once more of Rufus, the complex, multi-layered inventor and star of previous games, as he continues his quest to escape his lot. He's also struggling against the authorities who are trying to destroy Deponia while his very origins will be revealed somewhere along the way. Gameplay is largely similar to previous games in the series, being a point and click adventure with a mix of inventory-, logic- and conversation-based puzzles to solve. However, the second half mixes things up by introducing multiple copies of Rufus for players to control, where you must switch back and forth between them as they go through their own stories and puzzles. Once again, this really is quite a delight and an absolute must for genre fans. The storyline remains a treat, with new light shed upon the world of Deponia and its inhabitants, while the puzzles are as inventive and varied as ever. Visuals too remain of the same high standard and overall, this deserves to be played by any serious adventure fan. Just go back to the start if you haven't already so you can experience the full majesty of the trilogy.