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Design and decorate your own Disney Cinderella palace!. Alright, I'm pretty sure that most seasoned players will pass on Disney's Cinderella's Dollhouse offer, that of giving you free reign to decorate, enliven and make of a doll house that which you find meaningful and tasteful! But, the thing is this is a game for little children, I would argue for girls that have seen the Disney Cinderella animation and would like to linger a bit in that world. So, if that is you or your child, go for this game; It is designed very simply, as a sort of miniature sims game. Your furniture and decoration options are all stored in their own menu and when you pick one, you then get to place it anywhere in the castle as you please. The game has about 100 different pieces of furnishing and accessories, more than enough for a few playthroughs. To liven things up even more, when you're done decoration, you can also bring different characters to life with your included wand, something that I'm sure will be appreciated by little princes and princesses everywhere! So, if the premise sounds fun, go for it, the game looks nice, is simple to play and very colorful.