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StrategyReal timeTop downScience Fiction
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4x and real time strategy on land, mash. Dominium is an expansive in scope strategy game, that encompasses both classical space 4x, with all that it entails (though conflict and war are at the top of the ladder in this one) as well as containing a top down land strategy portion. It's all wrapped quite nicely, and so, you'll have a great time in any of the game's distinct portions. Yes, the real time strategy portion on land is a bit too rushed... the tile sets, the animations and, generally, the entire game are a bit too uneven, a bit too unpolished. It's not the kind of game that you'd want to sink into if you can't stomach games that are not very well polished, to extreme points. No, this is not that, this gives you a bit of everything. Plus, the RTS skirmishes are met by an AI that is all about big numbers. Thus, always, the winning strategy is to build fast and attack with massive numbers, the AI doesn't know how to get out of a tight corner with smarter strategies. But it was to be expected. The game is good enough that it manages to create all these separate strategy levels, at the space level and on land. It can be excused for not being the best at any of these. No, for a better blend of these, download the mighty Dune 3 game.