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Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes download

Daedalic Entertainment2011
AdventureCartoonTales and legendsPoint and clickPuzzleIndie

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Modern take on a classic genre. The original Edna & Harvey was a cracking point-and-click adventure that channeled the spirit of classics like Monkey Island and Discworld to great effect. This follow-up retains much of its predecessor's appeal but doesn't quite seem to have the same level of magic this time round. It's still a worthy addition to any adventure fan's library though. This time around you take control of Lilly, a convent schoolgirl who brings chaos wherever she goes and who never actually speaks. The storyline here is a little bizarre but finds Lilly killing one of her schoolmates fairly early on, leading to questions regarding her sanity, and which are not helped by the gnomes which paint everything purple that only Lilly seems able to see. What follows is a traditional point-and-click adventure, where you explore a series of environments, picking up items to help solve the many inventory-based puzzles, and interacting with various NPCs (not really talking, as remember, Lilly never says a word). There are also logic puzzles thrown in occasionally although these can be skipped. Visually, the game is superb with a distinctive art style that is striking and imaginative, with superb environment and character work. Storywise, however, things are a little disappointing, being just a little too odd for their own good, while the lack of the original protagonists is also a bit of a letdown. In terms of puzzles though, this is still cracking stuff, with plenty of interesting and challenging ones to solve, so if you're into your old-school adventures, be sure to look here.