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JoWood Productions2002
StrategyHistoricalGod game or micromanagement
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Multiple genres in one game. Though it is basically a strategy game, but is flooded with so many other genres that make this game a distinct and a very prolific package. The plot is that you are the head of your family and live in the medieval ages of 1400. You have to earn for your family to develop a complete lifestyle of stability so that it can last from generations to generations. The game is a good combination of real time strategy and a wide variety of Rpg elements which makes the gameplay very diverse and interesting. You can chose from many different professions to earn your livelihood and those professions include being a perfumer, alchemist, trader, money lender and you can even choose the wrong path to become a thief. I really loved the things which you can do in this game e.g. you can develop your influence in the society and can become a bishop or a mayor, blackmail people, build your empire, and can hire guards for your security. You will find different shades of life and the tough scenarios that you will face to earn money for a good living. Your character can also purchase different items for using them in the gameplay which is perfect. The graphics are also very much in line with the standards of that time. The game also has another version by the name of Europa 1400: The Guild.