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Procedural Arts2005
RpgFirst person
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An ambitious project. Facade is a game that I would recommend to anyone. The only flaw I have found related to it is the fact that is too short! But this compensates with the numerous endings you can reach by playing it. Not the best game I have ever played, though, of course. But as I said, it deserves all the attention of the videogames enthusiasts. If you are looking for something new, entertaining and relaxing, this is perfect for you. Grace and Trip are having trouble with their marriage, and you are put in charge as their true old friend, to decide where their relationship is headed. So, you will take part at a reunion in a city apartment. You will discuss with them by typing on your keyboard, and there are several endings, depending on your actions. More exactly, the terms that define this type of gameplay are called "interactive one-act play". When the game begins, you can select the name of your character, and that name will be used whenever the other two communicate with you. You can move by using the arrow keys, and you can also interact with the required objects throughout the game. When you give your great attention to Grace and Trip, proving you are a great listener and friend, you will start to learn more from them. So, play it, because it's really captivating, and an ambitious project.