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It's the end of the world.... The original Fallout games, alongside their spiritual predecessor Wasteland, are classics of the RPG genre, standing comfortably alongside Baldur's Gate. This sequel might not be quite the same sort of experience, being more akin to a sci-fi take on open-world adventures like Elder Scrolls, but it's still a first class game. The big shift here is the change to a full 3D world and a move away from the turn-based combat which defined earlier titles but it has to be said, it's a bold move which really works. As in previous games, this one is set in a nightmare post-apocalypse with the few survivors either huddled underground in bunkers, or scavenging for their existence in the radiation-scarred surface world. You play one of these Vault dwellers, whose father leaves unexpectedly, so it falls to you to go after him and discover what's really out there. What follows is an epic mix of first person shooter and RPG, which encourages exploration, combat, questing and so on. Although purists might bemoan the changes made to their beloved old-school RPGs, there's no denying that this is a fine game which any RPG or sci-fi fan should lap up. There's a genuine sense of adventure and the unknown here and you really feel like you're exploring an actual world, thanks to the sheer level of detail and believability which is packed in here. The visuals are superb, with gorgeous environments and enemy design, while the action and RPG elements are mixed well so that the end result is a truly compelling experience. A near classic.