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Square Enix1999
RpgFantasyThird PersonReal timeRole playing

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Game introduction title screen - cover
Introduction sequence
Game starting... going to dress for the party
Graphics details is really well done
Talking to the cute girl
Yes, she's cute...
Going to the secret area
Changing clothes... something less formal
Looking for the training area
The game will have some card playing moments
Playing cards
Junction explanation
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RPG with TBS action sequences. Modern, nice looking but still appealing only to a niche of RPG players, FF8 is a game that will immediately entice some but be too hard to sink in for others. JRPG at its finest, Final Fantasy VIII sports all the beauty that Square Enix could pour into it. The animations are engorging and have a materiality and a feel that are hard to find, even in the most recent of RPGs. But, ultimately, if you won't fall for this game's series use of turn based, heavy tactics fights, you'll have to give this one up. As all JRPGs that matter and that make a difference, the game has an absolutely twisted but beautiful story, with uncertain drawings for the male characters, and with epic dialogues and twisted plots. If you are a fan of the FF series, you should not miss this one. There are quite a few games in the series that were ported on the PC, and while the older ones might be playable emulated, this one is a true PC port, offering saving, loading and other amenities that are integral to the experience. Another word of advice though, if you never tried this type of gameplay mix before, Final Fantasy VIII will prove too hard and unforgiving for a first experience, so that too you must take into account.
Game review. The game is great, long storyline, intense gameplay , but the graphics are excellent only during the cutscenes the rest of the game the graphics aren't that great, on a fast look this game will apear boring and complicated (the first time i downloaded the game i deleted after 5 minutes of gameplay) This game is better on Playstation than on Pc. I would personally give Final Fantasy VIII a chance as I said the game is great, but have patience because in the first part of the game (tutorial and the search for Ifrit) you will get bored.