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Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich download

Focus Home Interactive2005
ActionScience FictionRole playingAction rpgRpgStrategySci fi

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Come on, lads! This place is crawling with Jerries!
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To infinity and beyond!. The original Freedom Force was a cracking slice of comic book action and adventure that just screamed personality and entertainment. Fortunately, this sequel is just as enjoyable, if not more so, so whether you're a fan of the first game or just into crazy, over-the-top comic action, then this should be in your collection. The game gives you the choice of over twenty original comic book heroes and then lets you unleash them in a single-player campaign which finds evil aliens trying to destroy the Earth with the aid of their catalyst which gives terrible powers to the planet's worst criminals. The gameplay is essentially a sort of real-time strategy experience, where you guide your team of four heroes through a series of complex missions. Each hero has their own unique powers and you're really going to need to choose carefully to make sure you have the right one for the job and it's here that much of the fun comes from, as you experiment with different lineups. Freedom Force certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, which is what you'd expect from a love letter to Marvel, but it more than delivers on the fun factor. The story is classic comic book stuff, with some deliberately over-the-top dialogue and voice acting that is cheesy but oh so appropriate. The gameplay is surprisingly deep, with lots of options for different matchups and with some very interesting missions to complete. The visuals are just as corny as the script but this only adds to the appeal so if you want a good piece of silly action, this is well worth a look.