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Taking back the planet in style. Freedom Planet plays out like an unholy mix of the best Megadrive/Genesis games such as Sonic, Rocket Knight Adventures and Gunstar Heroes while also throwing in bits of Shovel Knight and Mega Man. It could have been a bit of a mess but actually turns out to be a wonderful experience that combines the best of old- and new-school to great effect. You're placed in the shoes of a bold dragon girl and her friend and who must repel an alien assault. That's basically it for the story but it's not too important as the gameplay that follows is just so much fun. What you have here is an action platformer where you dash around, dealing death and destruction at every turn with a wide range of skills, weapons and other gimmicks. There's a great selection of enemies to test your skills with, as well as some epic bosses, while the story unfolds via some nicely done cutscenes which are fully voiced (but which can be a little grating). Freedom Planet really is a cracking little game. It might seem like just another Sonic clone but it's a far cry from this classic in terms of gameplay, as it lacks the sheer speed and physics-based action of the blue hedgehog's adventures. Instead, the focus is more on combat and here the game shines, as the fighting is satisfying and challenging. A special mention must go to the visuals, which recreate that 16-bit era perfectly, thanks to the bright, vibrant color schemes and superb environmental and character design. Throw in a nice line in humor and you have a near perfect action game for retro and modern fans alike.