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Giana Sisters 32K download

ArcadePlatformerSide scrollingHop and bop
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Title screen
The game begins
Hit the blocks
Grab the jewels
Stage 2
Bounce on his head!
Stay out of the water
Watch out for the fire
Level complete
Stay up here
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Spoofs and pays homage to Super Mario!. I have fond memories of playing Giana Sisters 32K, and I'm pretty glad that the Super Mario Bros remakes or games that pay tribute to them were so abundant. At any rate, while the game I'm mentioning above wasn't as clearly posed on recreating the first installment of the first Super Mario Brothers adventure, this one instead does just that. It's not however a one on one copy, though it features some set pieces of the original, but it plays with them in interesting ways, sometimes almost like making fun of some of the designs, other times just loosely interpreting them. Difficulty wise it's relatively up there, with the original experience, but other times, it is a bit even harder. Oh and that slide and mass simulation, as if the characters had weight is still captured, though not as intense, which, for less hardy explorers of left to right worlds can be a plus. Try it, you'll love it, it's well done, polished just enough, with its own realm of secrets and a world of sidescrolling fun to be had.
What if Mario and Luigi were girls?!. Well, if Mario and his Brother Luigi were girls they'd wear hair ribbons and be just as adept at sidescrolling shenanigans. And this is the proposition that MYTH, the development team of this game thought as well. The game is however an original one, indeed inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros but, by no means is this game a one to one copy. Nope, it has enough original content in the layout of its levels and in the feel of the game (the rubbery, slippery feel of Mario's walks and runs is a little more subtle here) is its own. But, because you won't fail to see the similarities, you'll probably think what I thought: yap, this is a really nice original game bowing to the original but keeping to its own devices. As the original Mario sidescrollers (mostly 1 and 3) did, this game too makes use of exterior and interior spaces, also has its own unique pipe passages and many secrets for passionate players. So, if you want to try out a game that is in the same ballpark with the Mario sidescrollers, Giana Sisters 32K sure does a good job, so good in fact that the game will hook you in a heartbeat. Have fun!