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Black Forest Games2012
ArcadePlatformerHop and bopItem collectionIndieAction Adventure

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Incredible graphics, see the waterfall
Explosions happen! Take care!
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Giana Sisters are back. The original Giana Sisters was a blatant rip off of the classic platformer Super Mario Bros, copying it wholesale in every department and which caused Nintendo to have the game removed from the shelves. Strangely though, they later allowed the reboot on the DS system and Twisted Dreams is the sequel to this title. Storywise, we follow the adventures of the sisters, as Giana sets out to rescue Maria, who has disappeared through a sort of warp gate. On the other side, Giana finds a world full of nightmare dreamscapes and it's going to take all her skill to get through. Gameplay wise, this is a 2.5D platformer which features all the usual running, jumping and collecting gems, but which also implements an interesting 'twist' feature. When Giana twists, the world shifts and everything on the level changes, from the design itself, to the character's abilities and personality, and which opens up new areas, enemies and so on. Throw in some boss battles, multiple difficulty levels and a star system for rating your performance and you basically have it all. Although most of the game is pretty familiar stuff, it's all implemented extremely well, with some excellent level design, tight controls and some neat features. The best of these is the twist move, which really mixes things up. Visually, the game is a bit of a stunner and features some beautiful environmental design alongside some wonderful character work and which gives the game a personality of its own. With this game especially, the Giana Sisters have come a long way from their overrated clone days and can truly say they are more than just another copy.