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Data East1987
ArcadeShooterEpicMilitaryAction based
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Game introduction title screen - cover
Guerilla War pc game
High scores
Two hostages
Two trees
Attention to ditch
Collect ammo
Kill enemies
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Top down Rambo in the jungle!. Guerilla War is a simple and classic top down action shooter game, in which you play a devastatingly well endowed soldier, who's most probably a brother of Rambo (:P) and who can take down entire armies of soldiers all on his own, because, well, because he's fast and full of bullets! Yep, this is an arcade shooter fest, but, for all intents and purposes a very well produced one. The game has a good amount of variety in terms of what the enemies look like and also the way they behave. Thus, you won't feel like the game is repeating itself for a good period of time, though eventually, its repetitiveness becomes obvious too. All in all, Guerilla War is a cool, no frills product, well done and well produced, and, for most intents and purposes it will offer you a great advantage, specially when you're looking for a simple, not that complex a game, where front advancing shooting is where it's at. Also, it will remind you of games such as Rambo 3, similarly produced, similarly based on the same idea of shooting mindlessly, all over.