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Versus Evil2015
RpgFantasyTurn basedRole playingIndie

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Dungeon crawling re-born. For a neat twist on classic dungeon crawlers like Dungeon Master and Rogue, then Guild of Dungeoneering makes for an entertaining time. It's not quite a classic, thanks to a few irritating niggles but it's still more than worthy of an investigation. There's no real story here to get in the way of gameplay and instead the game revolves around exploring a series of dungeons while engaging in turn-based combat. However, the twist here is that instead of simply roaming around pre-defined or randomly generated dungeons, you actually create the environments around your hero. This is done by laying down cards from your deck, and which include monsters, rooms, traps, and loot. As you do so, your hero is actually making his own decisions about where to go and what to fight, which brings a whole new level of challenge and excitement to proceedings. There's also some management to be done between rounds, where you build new rooms to attract new heroes and expand your deck with new items. Guild of Dungeoneering really offer a new twist on a well established genre which has been doing pretty much the same thing for decades and for this alone it must be applauded. Initially at least, the game is great fun and exploring in this unusual fashion feels completely different from other similar games, making it highly entertaining. There is a bit of grinding however and combat does get a little repetitive at times, while a few obvious features seem to be missing, which bring things down a little. This doesn't stop the game from being a little cracker though so dungeon crawler fans should seriously consider checking it out.