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GT Interactive1997
StrategyReal timeSpace combatScience FictionSci fi

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Modern 4X with a hefty real time tactics portion. Imperium Galactica is a hefty, meaty combination of 4X space trader, manager, politics and war waging bonanza on top of which a real time tactics portion is the cherry on the cake! Yap, this game amasses a lot and, as a feat of great engineering as well as over the top game design showcase, the game doesn't turn into a hot mess of elements. Nope, you can concentrate on whatever potion of the game remands your momentary attention, and that takes some getting used to, but it is by no means hard to do, as the game only packs so much detail into each portion. Within the game there are 28 ships to unlock, 180 smaller fighter, about 3 colonies and much more, for those that love surprises. The aliens share a certain design scheme with master of Orion but here it is less of a hassle to navigate you way around, and the controls are also friendlier. So, overall, if you really want a 4X game that stands on the cusp of modernity, with great 3D graphics and the extra tactical challenge, Imperium Galactica is the way to go, it won't let you down (too much!).
Unusual depth but still a good game. Developed by Digital Reality, Imperium Galactica is an entertaining real time strategy game. It was released on the year 1997. In this game you will find 3 colonies - Achilles, Naxos and San Sterling. This game is the combinations of 4X and real-time tactical games. The graphics and soundtrack of this game is excellent. In this game you will have to play as Dante Johnson with a small capital ship - a Guardian-class Destroyer - and three Raptor-class Fighters. After 2 years of releasing this game, Digital reality published the sequel in 1999 that improved some bugs and added more features to this series. It is a kind of strategy game that has a lot of adventure game. The storyline is very good although the story line is both the strongest and weakest part of this game. It is a very lengthy game so once you finish playing this game you will want to switch to part 2. Overall it is a very good to play with 5 out of 5 rating game. You will like it and also the sequels of Imperium Galatica.