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Evil empire. The obvious inspiration for Impire is clearly Dungeon Keeper but while that classic game has managed to retain its charms over several years, this looked pretty ropey on its release. It's not terrible but it's far from the lofty heights to which it aspires and is thus easily skipped. You play the role of a once mighty demon who has been summoned by an incompetent human and which has now resulted in your manifestation as a weak imp, so it's your goal to regain your power and return to your rightful place. The main gameplay follows Dungeon Keeper quite closely, being a sort of squad-based real-time strategy offering. Each level requires you to build a dungeon by placing rooms and which are created by sending out workers to mine mushrooms and other resources, while you can also send them out on special missions for more rewards. There are different types of room, each with their own use, while you'll also have to defend your constructions from attacking heroes, making this something of an exercise in micro-management, as there's always something to think about. In theory, this could have been a fun update to a classic but ultimately it just doesn't work. The mission design is repetitive and dull, so it's not long before frustration sets in as you realize that things never change. There's a lack of available tactics while it's very easy to get bogged down in tedious detail. The humor is very much an acquired taste too and the visuals are less than special, making this an easy one to avoid.