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Zachtronics Industries2015
PuzzleStrategic scopeBuildingIndieSimulationStrategy

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Get busy making or get busy dying.... If you've played the puzzle games Spacechem and Infiniminer, both from the same developer as this one, then you'll have some idea of what to expect here. Fortunately, this is as good as the two previous efforts and provides plenty of puzzling entertainment. The big difference here over the very similar Spacechem is the addition of 3D which, when combined with the inventiveness on display here makes this a worthwhile purchase. There is a single player campaign to play through with associated storyline, but the main focus of the game is on the puzzling, which requires you to build factories for your alien overlords, which in turn pump out a variety of products. You have to place things like movers, welders and drills so that they are able to manipulate various resources, with the overall goal of producing a specific item. The whole thing is played in 3D, first person perspective, with the puzzles starting out quite simple, but getting more complex quickly enough as more mechanics are introduced. For anyone who enjoys mind bending puzzles, then this is a good bet. It suffers a little from looking a tad on the cheap side, but given the indie nature of the game, this is understandable. However, there's more than enough inventiveness and challenge on display to make up for any visual shortcomings. The game is easy to pick up, even if you haven't played any similar titles before, thanks to the simple controls and intuitive nature of the gameplay. It is a challenging game however, but if you can handle the heat, you'll have a good time.