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System 3 Software1989
SportFightingTournamentsMartial Arts
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Knock down!
Bad curry?
That's going to hurt
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New York, New York
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So beautiful
System 3
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Simple fighter focused on karate moves. The game is a good example of the genre at the end of the 80s, it sports crude graphics, it has simple and immediate controls, and it can't really manage to create that feeling of immersion that you would get from later fighter games. The most annoying however have to be the graphics, with a really limited EGA set of colors, which will leave you with a headache eve after a short play session. In terms of player diversity, there isn't much to say. There are a few sprite karate boxers to choose from but their actual styles of fight are very similar. When you won't be battling to understand what moves are depicted, you will have a hard time trying to anticipate your opponent's moves, as the animations are quite rudimentary with pose changes that are too immediate to find the time to react. So, in the end, it' a game of chance and of frantic button mashing that wins the game. But, if that's the old school experience you're looking to find, ok, the game delivers what the era made available, simple, and rather unclear on strategy and minimalist fighting.