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A horror classic?. Anyone who has found themselves intrigued by the Dyatlov Pass incident, as made famous by the movie Devil's Pass, will definitely want to check out this original slice of interactive horror. It's not exactly Silent Hill or Resident Evil, and certainly won't be to everyone's taste, but if you are looking for something original and very creepy, then this is for you. The game is based on the true life story of a group of mountaineers who went missing under strange circumstances in the Ural Mountains in 1959, and which is a great piece of real world inspiration. You're thrown into the same location where the mountaineers disappeared and are charged with exploring the area and trying to discover just what went on but simple survival soon turns out to be more important. The game itself is a sort of exploration simulator, with lots of things to uncover as you delve deeper into the mystery. There are elements of stealth and survival horror but don't expect traditional gameplay as seen in other games and this is more about the sheer immersive experience. In this respect, Kholat is a superb game. It is a truly unnerving experience to explore the remote mountains, with plenty of moments of tension and outright terror along the way. The atmosphere is superbly crafted, with some impressive visuals and stunning sound design that come together perfectly. The lack of traditional gameplay may put off some players but if you're prepared for this and are looking for a truly unusual experience, then this needs to be played.