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Knights of the Sky (Marvelous USA, 2012) download

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I say, old chap!. Ignore the title and company info as what you have here is the rereleased version of the classic World War I flight simulator that is Knights of the Sky. It's a spiffing take on the sim genre and while it lacks the out and out charm of Wings and the technical depth of Red Baron, it remains an enjoyable and accessible bit of flying fun. The game is focused around an Allied-based campaign during the Great War and puts you in the splendid flying hat of an ace pilot who must hunt down some of Germany's most celebrated and deadly pilots, including the legendary Red Baron himself. These are secondary to the main campaign objectives and missions and which will see you popping German recon balloons, providing ground support, conducting bombing runs and many more things. As you progress you'll get new planes while there's also a sense of freedom as you can explore maps as far as your fuel will take you. There are a few options to customize things while the whole game is fairly accessible and probably not aimed at the hardcore flight sim crowd. Knights of the Sky is certainly showing its age a bit and for many with fond memories of having played it in the past, they'll likely find that it has lost a bit of the shine. It is quite simplistic and is not overly realistic in its physics or handling but it remains a nicely straightforward and fun bit of flying action. It's very easy to get into and you'll be blasting planes out fo the sky in no time, so if you're new to the genre and looking for a solid retro starting point, this is a good bet.