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Lotus 3: the Ultimate Challenge download

Gremlin Interactive1993
RacingArcade styleDriving
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Aah, the open road!
That's the one for me
Stay out of my way
Wow, that's futuristic
I think it might rain soon
What exactly are those dome things for?
Must be England
I'm getting lonely out here
Nice trees
Enter code
The road
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Late comer to the sprite based racing genre, but fun, fun, fun!. Lotus III is one of the last games of the classic DOS era to still use forward scrolling sprites to create a racing game. However the amount of detail that the game included, the way it was produced, and also, the rather relaxed, fun, without a whole lot of challenge feel of it, made it great for short bursts of play, without necessarily making this a game you'd want to sink into when you want to get a true competition going. Nope, Lotus III is rather a simple game, sufficiently fast for a sprite based one, that is all about trying to stay on track (rarely ever touching the breaks!) and stopping when you see a gas stop in order to refill and be able to continue your journey. It was one of those games where you couldn't really go backwards, as many of these games were, but the cruising was fun. Plus, you could even play this one via the mouse, though it could be tricky, but the best way to play it was via the keyboard controls (with automatic gear shifting!). It had a screen full of tracks, and all of them looked great. But, more than anything, it was fun and relaxing, plus it featured the cool Lotus Elise, which everyone wanted to ride in at the time! A good alternative is Turbo Outrun, which is definitely a great game.
Fun game, horrible sound. When I heard of it, first I thought - "What a nice race game!" Then I turned it on and within seconds turned the speakers off. What welcomed me was an extremely annoying and high pitched computer generated sound that burst my ear drums. So, there's that. But when I started playing the game with the sound turned off, it came out as a pretty good game. The graphics are no Daytona USA, but it's not bad, either. I have definitely seen worse. And the gameplay's fairy decent, too. The whole game revolves around Lotus cars, so you'll be driving one. But only that one, unfortunately. You can invite a friend to play 1 on 1 if you don't want the standard championship game. Well, since it's a very small game that fits on a floppy disc, there is not much space for detail and complexity. But what is here is nicely done. But the sound.. Oh, god. If you cherish your ears, play the game in silent mode. In any case, this is a pretty solid racing game. Average, I would say.