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Chocks away!. The scrolling shoot 'em up genre has some classic entries that really show just how good the genre can be, from the likes of Xenon 2 to Raiden and Ikaruga. Unfortunately, Luftrausers isn't going to be joining the shooter hall of fame, mainly thanks to a lack of variety and excitement that a great game needs. It certainly starts out well enough and offers some short term fun but anyone in it for the long term should look elsewhere. Thankfully, there's no story here to get in the way of things and you're simply charged with flying through some minimalist but very stylish levels while in control of a dinky little plane where your only real goal is to blow the living daylights out of everything. You can unlock a wide range of plane body parts, weapons and propulsion systems, with over 125 setups possible, while there are more than 100 missions to fly through and which will see you facing off against other planes, submarines, and ships. There's little else to the game really, and perhaps the biggest draw here is the level of customization. The game is easy enough to pick up, with the tight, responsive controls that such a game demands, and it's a breeze to fly your plane, but with a good level of challenge too. The visuals are very simple in their execution, with a low key color scheme and straightforward but strangely charming sprites which pack a surprising amount of personality. The gameplay is certainly fun and whizzing around causing chaos should keep you entertained for a while. However, the appeal does soon wane and you're left with little but a sense of a wasted opportunity.