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Daedalic Entertainment2013
AdventurePoint and clickFantasyIndieCasual

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Dark and mysterious adventuring. Memoria is the sequel to the point-and-click adventure Chains of Satinav and if you're a fan of that earlier game and the genre, this is a must play. It's a dark tale which is based on a popular fantasy role playing game but if you haven't played the first one, this is likely to be a tad confusing as it continues directly from where it left off. The complex plot sees our hero, a bird-catcher, in the company of a fairy who has been turned into a raven. As he searches for a cure, he finds himself caught up in a deep mystery involving long forgotten princesses, magic spells and all sorts of fantasy goodness. The whole thing plays out both the past and the present, with the player exploring the city of Andergast as they attempt to unravel the mystery. Gameplay is mostly familiar point-and-click stuff but there are a few interesting mechanics to help it stand out from the crowd such as the inclusion of spells which help out in the solving of puzzles. If you have played the first game, then this is likely to be enthralling stuff, and should really be a must play. The story is fascinating and pulls you in to a well-crafted world that is believable and exciting to explore. The visuals are superb, with a beautiful painterly style that is lovely to behold, with stunning environmental and character work. The puzzles too are generally well done and implemented into the gameplay decently, and should prove challenging even for veterans of this sort of thing. All in all, a fine adventuring experience.