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AdventureMovie styleCrime investigationAction basedEspionage
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Game introduction: here your character
Introduction: that elevator will be useful
Talk to your base through radio
You'll need to hide from the guards
Tactical espionage action MGS
There's an HIND elicopter ready to take off
Hit on by the famous Solid Snake
A lot of snow outisde
That weapon will be useful!
Now, follow the mice
Mmm, you can exit here
Come on! I don't have all day!
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Snakes and ladders. Metal Gear Solid might not be the game which introduced the world to the legendary Snake (check out the original Metal Gear if you want to see how it all really began), but it's perhaps the one which make everyone sit up and take notice. The years have not been all that kind to it however, a problem which plagues many games from this era, but it's still worth a look as a curiosity and to see how the legend took shape. The story here follows on from Metal Gear 2 and finds players caught up in a typically convoluted plot involving terrorists, nuclear weapons and characters with highly improbably names. What follows is the archetypal stealth adventure, where you sneak your way around with minimal weapons, mostly trying to avoid your enemies while achieving mission objectives and wading through the ridiculously long cut scenes. Boss battle and other such setpieces are played as action sequences, but for the most part this is classic stealth all the way, and you're going to need every ounce of patience and skill if you're going to get to the end. Metal Gear Solid is certainly an interesting game, and one which has earned itself an undeniable place in history, and remains a mostly enjoyable experience today. The stealth gameplay is well implemented and generally quite tense, while the story is bonkers nonsense but entertaining nonetheless. The visuals have suffered somewhat in the intervening years, much like most early 3D games, but there's a sense of scope and ambition on display here that manages to transcend any such issues. Perhaps not a great game, but an important one, and one which is worth checking out.
Solid first person action/stealth game. Metal Gear Solid came to its own, and became one of the best stealth and action hybrids with this version of the game here, Metal Gear Solid; older games of the franchise had attempted to mach together action and stealth, but they had to made-do with much lesser graphical capabilities, basically keeping the franchise to the level of top down shooter/action hybrids. Not this one though, this is a very adept, easy to play and very enjoyable and diverse first person game. It is heavy in gadgets, but also offers you the ability to tackle the missions with action at the helm. It's fairly interesting and very well done throughout, and, while certain missions don't allow you to choose a way to get the objectives completed action or stealth wise, by default, a lot of them don't force you to take a prescribed road, are free to play as you see fit. Snake is an expert marksman, from a distance, he is also greatly capable of staying hidden in the shadows, waiting for the enemies to approach him, and the levels allow you to take different roads at times. Graphically, quality wise it looks very good, Direct X 8 like, with sufficient detail to look like a modern, capable game. A good download alternative is Splinter Cell, a game that had definitely learned a lot about stealth from Metal Gear.