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Need for Speed 2: Special Edition download

Electronic Arts1997
RacingCar simulationDriving
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Game introduction
Car selection menu
Car selection menu: getting a Ferrari
Race started!
Here you are in the forest
Too bad, an accident
Nice beach over there
You can control car from inside
Another camera view
Wonderful Inca temples...
Wow... look at the monkey skull over there...
Inside the monkey skull
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Let's drive!. The Need for Speed franchise is one of the biggest names in driving games in history, standing alongside Test Drive and the legendary Outrun as an industry legend. This Special Edition of the second game in the series is actually a pretty solid effort and still stands up well today, nearly twenty years after its original release, so if you want to jump back in time for a bit of racing action, this makes for a good bet. The game sees you taking control of one of eight super cars and taking part in an epic series of races from Australia to Nepal. You have some pretty exotic beasts to try out, including the Mclaren F1, Ferrari F50 and Ford GT90, each of which will really test your driving skills. There are six main tracks to race on, although completing them all does open a new one, but this last track is more like an arcade racer. There are several modes to try out, including single race, tournament, and knock out, while you can also customize quite a few options for your car and opponents. There are several additions with this Special Edition, including improved graphics, several new cars, a new track and the option to race in reverse and on mirrored tracks. Even without these additions, this is a top notch racer, and with them, it's a cracker. There might not be too many tracks, but what's here are fast, furious and challenging, while the range of cars to try is pretty extensive. The visuals still hold up well today, and the range of modes adds in even more longevity. Definitely worth picking up if you're a petrolhead.
Best fun, physics racing game!. I personally think NFS 2 was the best racing game of the NFS franchise because of its hilarious physics. I don't know how many times I would accidentally clip an opponent and both me and him would go rolling down the hill. It added more of a challenge and a greater awareness of not haphazardly bumping into opponents. The levels were creative and the blinding speed got my adrenaline pumping. The new iterations are just boring for me.