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Electronic Arts2008
RacingCity raceGran TurismoActionSports

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Driving your Porsche
Don't push too much, you're destroying your car!
Image extracted from gameplay video.
In the Porsche at an intersection
Doing burnouts on the street
Combo Bounty of $2500
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Experience the remarkable adrenaline!. Need for Speed: Undercover is a 2008 racing game developed and published by Electronic Arts. The Need for Speed is the first game of the series that appeared in 1994. The fact that almost everyone is crazy about speed is well-known, and this game is perfect for the steering wheel enthusiasts. You play as an undercover cop that has to reach a dangerous and very fast driver. You will involve in various races in the city, in order to earn respect and a high reputation, the main ingredients that will take you to the man you are chasing. There are added more super cars, the graphics are significantly improved, and the gameplay offers you possibilities to assert yourself at every corner. I am talking about accepting missions anytime you want to. The races you will engage into are simple and complex, allowing you to cause serious damages. Of course, other races demand an impeccable aspect of the vehicle when you finish the challenge. So, the variety is a general quality of this game. The earned money can be used, as you know, on buying upgrades useful for a great performance, on unlocking new races and new parts for your car and tuning. The models in this game are: Nissan, Cadillac, Ford, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Aston Martin, Mitsubishi, and many more. So, the cars will be the main attraction of the hardcore action present on the urban streets. If you are a fan of the NFS series, don't miss the chance to play this revolutionary and addictive game that will offer you a pleasantly unexpected adrenaline!