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Run away! As fast as you can!. To read the blurb for Obscuritas suggests you're going to be in for a genuine horror experience, the likes of which haven't been seen since the early days of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It promises a technological marvel, including 'adaptive fear' (whatever that might be) and state of the art chills, but unfortunately, if you can actually get the game to work, all you're left with is a tediously dull and amateur-looking affair. The setup is that classic horror movie trope, as you play a young girl who gets to explore her grand uncle's creepy old mansion after inheriting it, only to find out that it harbours dark secrets and terrifying beasties from another dimension. The game is a mix of exploration and riddles, with some frightening encounters with creatures from your imagination thrown into the mix, as you venture through three different chapters with a total of twenty-nine sequences. If you're thinking this doesn't sound like a lot, you're probably right but you're unlikely to ever discover just how long the game takes to complete as it crashes most of the time before you've got much further than the first door. However, even getting to that point is a chore, as the opening sequence is an incredibly tedious experience where you simply watch the back of a girl's head for five minutes while she reads a letter before moving on to the credits which simply show a train moving through the countryside. Worse than the storytelling on display here though is the design, with the game looking like a poor student effort, making this something to be avoided.