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War is hell. The Operation Flashpoint series of military shooters makes for an interesting alternative to the usual Battlefield and Call of Duty games, given its larger scale and general feeling of realism. Dragon Rising is one of the later entries in the series and manages to remain an exciting alternative to the aforementioned titles, presenting a full-on single-player campaign which is both challenging and fun. The storyline revolves around a disputed island in the Pacific, with a Chinese general seizing control, and which thus requires the good ol' US of A to step in and save the day. In many ways, this is standard shooter stuff, with a number of story-led missions to complete and which revolve around shooting all the bad guys while completing certain tasks. However, the greater emphasis on realism brings a few different features to consider, such as stance, and the ability to give orders to squad mates, while stealth also comes in handy. There's an extensive line-up of real world weapons to use, while there's also limited access to vehicles to bump up the fun factor. Dragon Rising certainly didn't set the world on fire on its release, but it still remains a solid enough shooter. The story is your usual gung-ho military guff but it's engaging enough, while the action is rarely less than exciting. The added elements do help the game stand out a little, while the visuals are still pretty good and help to create an authentic atmosphere. It's perhaps not a game for the casual shooter fan as its mechanics do take some getting used to, but if you're up to the challenge, this is a good option.