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Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog on a Stick download

Humongous Entertainment1996
PuzzleEducationAdventure styleAdventureCasualArcade

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Dump recicle
Your name
Level 2
Pep jumping
Collect bones
Putt-Putt flies
Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog on a Stick pc game
Dog on a stick
Watch out the bear
Go collect candy
Blue oil
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Hot doggin'!. Although the Putt-Putt series is generally well-known for offering some superb edutainment fun and games for younger players, Dog on a Stick looks a little lackluster when compared with its stablemates. It's still quite enjoyable but it lacks the inventiveness and sheer entertainment of its brethren, making it one for the most dedicated of Putt-Putt fans. This one offers a pretty similar experience to the classic Q*Bert and lets you control little Pep through a series of isometric single-screen mazes. You'll be bouncing around on a pogo stick and must avoid oil slicks, traps and other hazards while collecting ice creams, candy and other such items in order to rack up the points. As you progress through the levels, new elements appear, including trampolines which can affect your movement. There is a sort of story behind it all too, with our two heroes off to the recycling dump when Pep makes his pogo stick before deciding to go bouncing around all over the place. When taken as a very simple arcade-style experience aimed at younger players, this is no better or worse than a million other such offerings. As a Q*Bert rip-off, it's perfectly acceptable, offering responsive and intuitive controls and some well-designed levels that are fun to bounce around. There are a couple of new ideas, although not much to make it stand out, so really this one is going to sell itself on the license. And for hardcore Putt-Putt fans this is probably going to be very appealing, thanks to the characters and bright visuals, but for everyone else, it's easily skipped.