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id Software1996
ActionFPS (First Person Shooter)Myth and legendMedieval

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Go there if you want to select more difficult level
Jump on the platform
It's quite dark there, pay attention
Trying this new weapon
Receiving some health
One enemy less!
Just open the door
Take those ammos
Stage completed!
Game introduction title screen - cover
The bridge that leads to the portal
There are too many indications!
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Tough action and challenging puzzles. Many people associate this game with Doom but I say that this game is even better because it has a more diverse variety of challenging elements. Starting with what we call graphics, they are very good and have serene darkish theme which gel with the monster world that you are in. The animations to support the graphics are also well organized and quite smooth. Starting with the elements that makes the game more challenging than Doom, it's not a game where you simply have to shot all the monsters to proceed on with the levels or you call the puzzles on demand. In fact you will have to kill the monsters but advancing on will require you to solve different puzzles and find the right path. Your job is to search the 4 runes where the 4th one is very tricky. After getting the 4th one you will move to the fifth area where you will have to go through the gate at the right moment or else you will die again and again. Though you have to simply shoot and kill various monsters but the puzzles are very challenging. It's definitely not for the amateur gamers who like easy pickings.
The best game for PC, EVER!. Doom may have defined everything we know about First person Shooters, but Quake perfected it in every way it could. in 1996, games were starting to enter the 3D realm, and ID knew exactly what they had to do. The game features amazing graphics (I think the choppiness of the animations make it even more scary), Fast, smooth, and deep gameplay, music and sound from Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails...The levels are diverse, thanks to many level designers with their own styles and Ideas, including American McGee (also helped with doom, and made a dark version of Alice in Wonderland). If your not careful, the game will hand you your ass, that's if it's still in one peice. That's what I like in a game, Toughness.