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Just flying toward the sun
To the future!. Although a far cry from the likes of classic racers such as Outrun and Power Drift, Race the Sun joins the genre in truly impressive fashion and stands as a fine modern example. This one has more in common with future racers like XG2 or Wipeout and sees the player taking to the skies in a slick solar powered flying machine. As ever with this sort of thing, the goal is simply to beat the sunset by flying at insanely high speeds around a series of cool tracks. However, this being a modern game, the landscape is procedurally generated and changes every day, so you can't learn all the tricks and trap of courses as you can in most racers. You're just aiming to beat your high score by surviving as long as possible but you can also set objectives to help you upgrade your ship. Even more interesting is the addition of a world creator which allows you to modify existing game modes or design new ones from scratch and then share them with the world. At its core, Race the Sun is a pretty simple racing game and in some ways feels more like an endless runner than a true driving experience, thanks mainly to the lack of opponents. However, its insanely high speeds and clever additions make it well worth seeking out if you are looking for something which is hypnotic and extremely captivating. The stylish visuals are minimalist but very appealing, with some slick environments to enjoy, but it's the high speeds and customization options which are the real draw here. The simplicity might bother some, but if you just want something fun and exciting, this is a good bet.