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Plug In Digital2014
RacingActionIndieSimulationCasualAction simulation

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Where's the rage?. Although it looks pretty slick and comes blessed with a cool science-fiction soundtrack, Rage Runner is actually a pretty simple take on the endless runner genre. It's fun for a while, but you're soon going to realize it's fairly shallow stuff and as such, it gets dull rather too quickly. There's no story to get in the way of things, and instead you're simply charged with racing through a series of procedurally generated levels in your fancy spaceship racer thing, with the only real goal being to get as far as you can and rack up as many points as possible. In addition to the procedural levels, you've got a set of predefined challenges to complete, and a set of unlockable ships to discover. Most of the gameplay involves dodging the various obstacles that litter your path but things are given some variation by the array of moves at your disposal and which help to lend the game a little depth. Scraping against a wall or obstacle doesn't stop you but if you slam into something head on it's basically game over, making this one for those who like a challenge. However, although there is a certain degree of "one more go" to Rage Runner, it doesn't really have enough to keep you coming back for more for very long. After picking it up for the first time, you're going to want to try again just because you've forked out the cash, but when you realize things don't really change much, you're likely not to bother anymore. The visuals and audio are decent enough, as are the controls but ultimately this is just too slim.