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Kinesoft Development1997
ArcadeSide scrollingFlight shooter
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Introduction demo
First stage started
You've already collected some shoot bonus
Pay attention to ground enemies too
First stage boss
That is an explosion!!
Dropping bombs may help sometimes
Game over
A big crater over there!
Try to collect those bonuses
Level 1 clear
Many ground enemies now
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Intense old-school shooter. Old-school shooter fans will love Raiden 2, a vertically scrolling blaster that provides intense action of a type rarely seen today. Sequel to Raiden, and similar in style to The Reap or 1942 (but way more advanced than this latter game!), the game features the bare bones of a story which follows on from the original and which sees the once-defeated aliens returning for another crack at the Earth. However, this is all just an excuse for some seriously intense, hardcore blasting action, which sees players take to the skies in their nifty little craft that is packed with the sort of explosive hardware that is just perfect for taking down aggressive aliens. Speaking of weapons, there are three main ones on display here, including lasers and plasma guns, and which can be powered up to improve their effectiveness. Backing them up are missiles and bombs, which come in a variety of types, including cluster and homing, and which add to the fun. Visually, Raiden 2 is quite a treat, which gorgeously designed enemies, vibrant colours and plenty of neat effects to catch the eye. The game's pace is also suitably frenetic, with dozens of enemies on-screen at any time and which require high-speed reactions and a well-trained trigger finger to take down. Controls here are simple but highly responsive, which is exactly what is needed in such a game and which help to make the game what it is. While not exactly complex or thought-provoking, Raiden 2 does exactly what it sets out to do and provides enough fast, slick action to satisfy any hardened shooter fan.
Arcade side scrolling action. We saw in the previous version (Raiden 1) that the alien invasion has been crushed and some of them managed to survive and fled back to the space. This time, in Raiden 2, they have come back for revenge and have come with even large numbers and more sophisticated and destructive weapons. You will have a flight craft in the game which you will fly to counter and shoot down the enemies' crafts that will engage you in destructive fights. The fighting action in terms of the diversity is great because the levels are very diverse and you will get new and new enemies and monsters continuously peeping in at you and trying to take you down. While the action is on, you will also collect a variety of power ups, weapons and bombs which will add even more action and destruction to the gameplay. The flight dynamics or the controls of your craft are amazing and really makes it a fun game. As the enemies are hit by your fire, they explode in the air and then on the ground and the particles of their crafts are released in the air. The graphics in the game are very good and far better than the original Raiden.